Benefits of Software & Web development in Moldova

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Why Software & Web development in Moldova is something to be considered by large enterprises and SME’s?

Located in Eastern Europe between Ukraine and Romania, Moldova became an attractive destination for businesses to do software & web development or other high-end IT operations.

Moldovan IT companies create software solutions for businesses throughout the world and this speaks about the country’s strengths and skills of IT professionals.

1. Skilled & Qualified Professionals

The country has strong technical and educational traditions and a solid IT sector that provides invaluable experience to ambitious graduates. Moldovan ICT business environment benefits from the presence of international powerhouses, like Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle that offer training & certification programs for IT specialists and are all contributing to an IT ecosystem that increasingly exports development, quality control, and application customization and support to Europe, North America, Middle East and countries like Australia or New Zealand.

According to the IDC CEMA Research there are approximately 22,000 IT specialists and over 80% are technical specialists, including software engineers, analysts, developers, and project managers. IDC's examination of available skills suggests that Moldova is particularly well positioned for high-value activities, such as analysis, UX/UI design, software development, enterprise applications, data visualization & processing tools, industry or niche targeted mobile applications or solutions, testing and also activities like web development and basic coding. It is not well suited to the kind of low-level and high-volume operations found in India and China.

2. Software development quality and competitive prices

According to a research conducted by GoalEurope, showcased that software development and IT outsourcing in Moldova is an attractive destination especially for companies that are located in geographies with high operational & payroll costs. Even compared to Ukraine or Belarus also highly demanding outsourcing destinations Moldova still has a better position if talking from cost-benefit standpoint which shows the country’s emerging strength as an IT nearshoring and offshoring destination.

Outsourcing your software or web development projects to Moldova creates valuable opportunities for collaboration by giving access to cutting-edge technologies, highly qualified workforce at reasonable and competitive prices that will help you better manage the costs, optimise your business strategy and adopt innovation which will take you ahead of the market.

3. Cultural Affinity, Linguistic proficiency and Accessible destination

Moldova is known for the technical competence of its workforce. It can provide a European mindset and cultural affinity, legislation that is EU-compliant, and a strong linguistic proficiency. It is common here for Moldovan professionals to speak at least 3 languages with English, German, Russian, also French, Italian and Spanish being commonly spoken.The country is also geographically well positioned situated within 3 hours distance from all main European hubs with direct flights to and from Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Rome, Milano, Paris, London, Moscow and other destinations which makes travelling cheap and accessible. Moldova is also an attractive destination for outsourcing because of the professional and ethical culture that is compatible with both Europe to the west and the Commonwealth of Independent States to the north and east.

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