Concept & UX/UI Development of a payment solution

Client: Pay!t Date:

Pay!t is a payment solution that allows any smartphone owner to pay for purchases by scanning a QR code in stores, restaurants, cafes and online, and keep all receipts on the phone in digital format. The application is safe, fast and easy to use.

When the client approached us with the idea to create such an application, he wanted to offer a great solution to users and a good user experience. We had to deliver our client the concept of the application and develop the UX/UI. Our work started with a research on the target group and what are their expectations regarding this application, what functionalities would they like to have and how it would help them.

After the research we started working on the user flow, functionalities and what information will be displayed on each page. After wireframing and prototyping we did some more tests and did some more improvements on the user experience and the interface of some pages.

In the end our team delivered the concept and the UX/UI of the mobile application which now is available on app store and play market.

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