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Custom Web development & marketing automation for a nutrition center

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Theia is a nutrition center with international certified specialists in nutrition which do consulting and special sessions regarding detoxification, weight management, diet management, development and implementation of food plans.

The main challenge for them was the old website which wasn’t driving traffic and conversions. Also one more challenge was the sales process and ability to monitor how customers are coming and have all the statistics in one place. Our team had the task to come with a solution for how to build a website which will drive traffic and rise the conversions. Also we discussed with their team members to understand their challenges and how to optimise and automate the sales process.

After performing a research our team came with the solution of an automation software designed to help a nutrition center promote their products and services through their website. We built an eCommerce platform which integrated all the necessary marketing channels and generated real-time data analysis on all ongoing and scheduled campaigns through user-friendly data visualization tools. One of the additional benefits of our software is the sales funnel feature which helps optimize the work of the sales agents.

The results didn’t wait too long to come, now the website has better traffic and conversions. Sales agents can concentrate more on sales because of the CRM we integrated which automated their work and they can make better decisions on marketing and sales strategies according to the data which is collected in one place and gives them a clear vision of situation and ability to monitor each sales process, the results obtained by the sales agents and the marketing results of the campaigns.

Technologies & Applications: Photoshop, Illustrator,  HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, MySQL, Materialize, jQuery, PHP.

Team members: UX/UI designer, frontend developer, backend developer, business analyst, project manager.

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