Custom web development of a fundrasing platform

Custom web development of a fundrasing platform

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When the client got in touch with us he told that wants a fundraising platform that would meet the needs of charity organisations that want to collect funds for social causes and individuals who would make donations.

A fundraising platform that offers charitable organisations all-in-one solution for raising and collecting funds for their good causes.

Our work started with a research because the goal was to have a platform with all the required instruments for crowdfunding and at the same time deliver a great and smooth experience for the users across all devices to maximize the number of donations and organisations or individuals registered to post a cause.  

After finishing the research the team started to do the sketches for all pages for both type of users and the UX/UI of the whole website on all devices.

When working on the design, the designers worked together with the engineers to ensure that the design also meets the technical standards and all the functionalities correctly integrated in the website to ensure a smooth work and in the end to have a all-in-one solution.  

The platform is built on a custom CMS system to meet the design and build development features required. For the organisations that register on the platform we suggested creating a different panel for them from where they will add or manage their campaigns and follow the statistics on how much funds were collected and how many users donated and accessed their page with the cause. Organisations need to be approved by admins first that’s why when they register they are not able to use the whole functionalities until checked and approved by admins.

Since the goal was to make the donation process available to everyone we integrated a payment system that offers the users all the payment options and possibilities.

After finishing the project we provided training for our client and showed them how to use the website and the whole system.

Technologies & Applications: photoshop, illustrator, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP.

Team members: Graphic Designer, UX/UI designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, project manager.

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