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JustConsult is a legal firm that offers consulting services in the document perfecting area. It offers support in perfecting the documents for the romanian citizenship, birth certificate, driver licence, romanian passport, id card and other type of documents.

The company was facing issues on monitoring the whole work process and at what stage is each customer’s requested documents. The time to perform certain tasks was too long and the paper work was done manually which was taking them a lot of time.

When the client approached us they didn’t have a website and the work process wasn’t well optimised because of the manual work and the time that needed to execute a task. When requesting the preparation of a document the customer also has to provide with some certain documents and acts. The company had to deal with paperwork manually which was taking them a lot of time to check if every document is done correctly and without mistakes. Because of the amount of manual work the time to perform a task was too long also the interaction and customer support suffered a lot because it was difficult to follow up with each customer and monitor at what stage the process is and when all the requested documents will be ready.

After analysing and having discussion with the key members of the team and understanding their issues our team started crafting the solution for them. We came with an idea to make a website with a management behind it which will serve as an instrument for them to help deal with all the customers and automate the work process. The website offers the possibility for users to register and upload all the required documents and acts, now having an account the user is guided step by step through the whole process and is shown what needs to be done or what additional documents he needs to provide. For customers became easier because the can perform majority of tasks online without having to go all the time physically at the company’s office.

The management system that was developed and connected to the website offers the possibility to view all the customer’s and what stage is their requested act or document and if necessary get involved and assist them during the process. With this possibility now for the team members it is easier to follow up with customers and see everything from one place. This software also checks the documents and when the users upload them, it checks if they are performed right, don’t have mistakes, if they are valid and if they don’t expire, in case a document doesn’t correspond to a certain standard it notifies the team members about this.

Now the work process is automated and the team doesn’t have to spend much time on paperwork. They have a system where they can monitor everything and from one place.

Within a year the number of customers rised and the website is showing very good performance in terms of conversions and traffic. Having more time on customer support now the quality of the services also significantly changed and we are happy that our solution helped the company become a leader in this industry.

Technologies & Applications: Photoshop, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP.

Team members: UX/UI designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, business analyst, project manager.

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