ERP software of human resource management

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Our client Driver is operating prototypes and modified series cars from the customer at their request to safely, legally, and responsibly collect test data for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicle development. Employees conduct test drives and legally collect test data around the world according to GDPR regulations.


Globcom was faced with the challenge of manage human resources in the company. Management in excel tables requires a lot of time for processing and always is the chance to provide erroneous data. They have reached the moment when the team has grown considerably and there is a need to automate the management process.


An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software of human resource management that automates the management processes of projects, teams, tours, employees, so that decision-making processes can be taken as quickly as possible based on real-time data of software.


We, Oneest developed software that makes the management process more easy, accessible, clear for all users, and the most important in real-time. There different levels of access, from low to high, so everybody can manage the information assigned to them. In addition, employees provide daily reports on working hours, based on which it generate wage calculation reports and measure performance indicators. Based on ERP statistics, the company board can make decisions to develop and optimize resources.

Technology Stack:

Vue.js, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Redis, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Bootstrap, Fancybox, Chart.js, DataTable, FontAwesome. 


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