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FLYONE came on the market with a safe, comfortable, and affordable flight alternative to the most important destinations in Europe and Russia, provided by qualified operational, technical, and financial-commercial staff. FLYONE currently operates flights to 14 destinations, 10 scheduled flights, and 4 charter flights.


The company aims to come up with a new brand and a new flight booking system for which it is required a modern design concept and which offers a pleasant and already known experience to the users in the booking process.


FLYONE has embarked on a major digital transformation program that will leverage New Skies’ digital-first architecture and modern technology. Navitaire’s robust solutions create a strong platform for the airline’s digital solutions, providing proven technology to help FLYONE improve its ancillary capabilities while optimizing its cost base. From day one, the new reservation system allows the carrier to add over 35 different ancillaries. With the move to Navitaire solutions, FLYONE expects to further strengthen its low-cost structure while enabling it to tap growth opportunities across Eastern Europe.


Oneest has developed a new interface focused primarily on user experience. A modern and high-quality UX/UI design that makes the ticket search and reservation process much easier and more accessible. The basic functionality of the search has been significantly improved by reducing the number of steps in the booking process. After the implementation of the design made by Oneest, sales have doubled. 

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