Product Development & Process Automation

Client: Andiva Date:

Andiva is one of the biggest HR companies in Moldova that offers consulting and recruitment services for individuals that are looking for jobs in Europe. When the client got in touch with us he had just an idea of creating a HR company that would help people find jobs across Europe. After weeks of meetings and discussions our team started the work.


The first task for our team was to make the branding and naming of the company with all the required materials that will use them to promote their services and rise the brand awareness online and offline. After long brainstorming sessions and meetings with the client we stopped at the name Andiva which is simple to pronounce, easy to remember and users won’t have difficulties to write the adress and access the website.


After finishing with the design and branding our team started to think about the website and it’s functionalities. The goal was to make a functional website which is adaptive to any device, has a good user experience so that users don’t spend too much time on searching the information they are looking for and complete with the required information for each available job. We know that especially on mobile devices users won’t have much time on surfing and would like to find the information very quickly.

Business Process Automation and CRM Integration

While having constant meetings and discussions with our client we understood HR industry is very complex and with a specific work process and customer interaction. We talked with all team members to understand how to build a system that will make them concentrate on important parts of the business and rise their productivity. Our team also had to understand how will the sales process look like and craft a solution that will automate and optimise it.

As a result we totally automated the work & sales process. We integrated a CRM and connected all the marketing channels with the goal to have all the data in one place which will help them make better decisions on marketing and sales instruments that will acquire more customers in the future. In the CRM we also created the possibility for them to follow each customer at each step of the sales process and monitor the sales managers performance and how much time does it take to perform the task. The managers can have daily reports and statistics for each sales manager or recruiter with just one some clicks which helps them see their productivity or progress. The tool also helps them understand what kind of people they need to hire and what are the key abilities they should have.

The automation tool we built and integrated helps the team with task distribution especially for the recruiters which exactly know how many interviews they have to perform because now this is done automatically and there is no necessity for a person to manually set interviews for the recruiters.

Our solutions helped the scale in a short period of time even if they were new on a market where other big companies already established themselves. In a short period of time the company became one of the leaders on the market with many happy customers behind and a team that can focus on important parts of the business and not deal with manual tasks.

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