Strategy & Support

A major element of the project’s success is knowing what is available and evaluate various technology options. This a big challenge especially for a small or large firm where technology is not the core competency. We will inquire into your existing workflows, talk with key members of your team to map your work process and further identifying the bottlenecks subject to improvement. We will help you develop the right strategy to seamlessly drive you to your objectives. Our delivery practices enable us to align the solutions with your needs and priorities.

From support & maintenance to testing & bug fixing we’ve got all you covered to help you succeed.

Support & Maintenance

Professional support & maintenance is the right way to ensure that your system or application stays in line with the new technologies and trends ahead of your competitors. Our software maintenance services ensure all around support to release your company’s staff of routine tasks to let them concentrate on important parts of the business. After completing the initial goal our team will give you advice on future improvements and will assist you with implementing them.

Information & Architecture Design

Information architecture is the skeleton of every project and is particularly true for the backend system architecture where even the smallest changes drive to unpredicted costs and complications. Our team will assist you in defining the structure of your solution according to the user’s needs to ensure maximum user satisfaction either we talk about a solution for your customers or a solution for your team to optimise or automate a certain work process. Our information architects will define the organisational systems, labeling systems and searching systems to define what type of data will we have and how to leverage it correctly.

Technical advice & Software requirements formulation

Before the start of any project our IT specialists will conduct a deep analysis of your business, your customers, your goals and how your and employees use your existing software solutions. After the analysis our team will do the project documentation with all technical requirements, functional requirements, architecture design documents with suggestions & technical advice for the required changes, new developments, and integration of new solutions to remove the existing roadblocks. This is the most important part of any project because with a project documentation and a clear software requirements formulation a clear roadmap is defined which minimises the risk, reduces the cost and speeds up your time to market which can give a clear competitive advantage.

Testing & bug fixing

Software testing is an important part of the software development cycle. During the development process and before the delivery of the product our team will perform various tests to detect errors and verify that all functionalities are satisfying the requirements of all users that are using the product. Also if you have an existing solution and would like to test it’s capabilities and usability our team is ready to perform tests, review the source code, find the errors and discover areas in your software that can be optimised.

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