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CONTABILITATEA.MD is an accounting firm with 7 years of experience in the accounting and financial sector having over 150 clients across many industries.

The company had an outdated website which wasn’t very functional and wasn’t mobile responsive which is a big issue since mobile is now dominating and over 60% of searches are done from mobile devices. Because the user experience wasn’t intuitive and simple for users it was very hard to understand or find relevant information on the website. The company wanted a website would have very good traffic and conversions.

After understanding the issues we came with an idea to create not just a website for the company but a platform for all finance professionals and companies. The work started with crafting the design and detailed work on user experience so that we give the users a smooth and pleasant experience across all devices. The team worked together and had constant meetings with the client to ensure that we build a product that fits their vision and goals. The platform was built on a custom CMS to fit the needs of the company and meet all the technical requirements and functionalities.

The platform we developed automatically processes & publishes the most relevant news stories from the world of finance & economy. The platform also offers a whole set of solutions and tools that are helpful for accountants and professionals from finance sector, now anyone can enter and use the calculators for VAT, make calculations of the salary, check the daily exchange rates from all the banks and see the available templates for specific documents which are crucial to the daily activities of an accountant or financial professional. Governmental databases and official communication channels were also integrated into the platform in order to help stay up to date with the latest changes in fiscal policy and financial regulations. Another feature facilitated by the platform enables companies to search registered accountants by their skill set & experience and specificexpertise and connect with them directly.

Technologies & Applications: Photoshop, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP.

Team members: UX/UI designer, frontend developer, backend developer, project manager, business analyst.

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