Basically, IT outsourcing means contracting a team of experts from outside of your company, and allocation to external providers or vendors, locally or internationally, certain information technology functions ranging from custom software, mobile application & web development, to support, integrations & business process automation, infrastructure development, data storage and so on.

Shortly put, any IT or business process that the organization can’t handle internally or doesn’t want to hire human resources to run it.
There are multiple reasons why you should consider outsourcing your company's IT tasks, and here are the juiciest:

1. It enables you to focus on your core business activities

Your firm may have other core activities than IT, like construction, engineering, accounting, retail, production, or others. Your resources and knowledge might be limited about IT, mainly if we talk about complex software solution development – meaning that your team will have to split the time between regular activities and lose focus on crucial tasks. IT outsourcing allows you to redirect these tasks to a professional team with the necessary resources and expertise to deliver software solutions that fit your organization’s needs.
By outsourcing, you will free up your resources to concentrate on the areas that will provide a greater ROI and focus on where your competencies lie.

2. You save a ton of additional costs

Having your own IT department might be extremely expensive and time-consuming.
An in-house team requires many expenses, and it will be difficult to understand if that person is the best fit for your company since your knowledge about IT and software solutions are limited.
IT outsourcing lets you focus your human resources where you need the most and control the current expenses by paying a fixed monthly fee.
By outsourcing, you will be able to keep records and have fewer expenditures that pop up from nowhere. Your enterprise will save on operational costs like HR, payroll, administrative costs, rentals, and utilities.

3. You increase company efficiency

IT outsourcing companies have the resources to start the project right away. Developing the same project in-house might involve weeks or months to hire the right people, train them, and provide the support they need. By working with an outsourcing company you get instant access to experienced people
Companies that handle everything by themselves have higher development, research, marketing, and distribution expenses - all of which will be passed on to customers.

IT outsourcing gives your organization access to excellent knowledge and experience on a continual basis. You receive more structured methodologies, techniques, know-how, and tried-and-true procedures that you didn’t consider previously or because of the limited skill set of your in-house IT team.
By outsourcing IT development tasks and issues to a dedicated company, you can concentrate on product development, marketing, customer support, sales, and other core activities of your business to develop that USP (unique selling proposition) whilst acquiring more customers.

4. Accelerate growth and win over the competition 

Boost your business growth by migrating to new technologies with increased productivity, high quality, and minimum downtime by outsourcing IT processes or software development to expert companies. Technology can leverage your business, demonstrating why handling this one to companies with experience in outsourcing and software development, will put you on top of your industry.

5. Ensure better risk management

Outsourcing IT tasks and development can help your business avoid functions and processes that are difficult to manage and require a specific level of attention.
IT outsourcing assists you mitigate the risks without downgrading the overall operations, increasing productivity and efficiency.
Companies undertake IT & software development outsourcing for many reasons, depending on their goals and purposes. IT companies should demonstrate good communication abilities, quality services and solutions, technical expertise, and competitive prices.
Do not mistake cheap deals with competitive ones. Cheap doesn’t mean quality, especially in IT - so be careful when you see such offers.

At Oneest, our goal is to become part of your business while performing IT outsourcing for your business.

Not only do we deliver the product, but also apply the agile mindset and best practices in product development experience to come up with innovative and intelligent solutions, allowing you to scale your business and ensure long-term growth.

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