Custom Software Engineering Services

We'll build for you custom software products from scratch or continue the development of existing ones. From startups and SMBs to large organizations, we deliver fully functional software to help them overcome real business challenges and stay ahead the competition.

End-to-end software development

With our end-to-end approach to custom software development, we take your idea all the way from concept, validation, and launch to entirely functional software. By focusing on end-to-end, we not only deliver software, but we build it around the value your business creates for its customers.

Tailor-made software you own 100%

Top business analysts, product managers, UX/UI designers, system architects, senior developers, and QA engineers will all work together to build unique software products you will own and control. A tailored design, performance loading, and full security software allow you to add new features when you need them.

Why Oneest to build your custom software

Experience, talent, and commitment aren't the only ones that set us apart. You'll get value first, then software.

  • We have the right mindset - Agile & Lean approach to custom products development

  • We have the right resources - extensive technology knowledge and various domains expertise

  • Experience in years & projects - we built from scratch ERPs, apps, CRMs, internal platforms, etc., you name it.

  • We build software for future - scalability is the key in custom products development

  • Hell, yes, we're technical performance nerds - our tech ticks all the boxes of advanced software

Experts' advice at every stage

It's okay if you're not tech-savvy, we are. That's why you come to us. Our value-first approach is what drives us in any custom product development. We'll advise you at every step of the way to ultimately build a product that solves your business's real needs.

Direct client-team interaction

Nobody likes multiple levels of communication, maybe only in the Gartic Phone game. That's why we promote transparency and direct communication between the software development team and product stakeholders. This is our secret sauce.

Here's how we develop custom software

We've tested several development models when it comes to software. Our experience has proven that the most effective of all are Agile and Lean. These allow us to deliver value at every stage of the process in custom product development:

    1.   Product Discovery & Research - We gather and analyze requirements, form product documentation, and specifications (SRS).

    2.   UX/UI Design & Prototyping - We apply a design-thinking approach to anticipate users' needs, flows, and identify the best solutions to solve them. 

    3.   Product Development - We plan releases and continue with implementation according to Agile. We work mainly with Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban.

    4.   Testing (QA) - We run different types of testing to ensure that the products run smoothly and are bug-free.

    5.   Release, Monitoring & Support - Our work doesn't end when the product goes live. We provide ongoing support if you don't have in-house experts.

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A route planning app for a German logistics & delivery company

We engineered a user-friendly web and mobile app, designed for three primary user profiles – admin, managers, and drivers. Our solution seamlessly incorporates route calculation and optimization functionalities, real-time tracking, and efficient communication tools. The user-centric interface prioritizes simplicity with clear navigation, user-friendly route visualization, and responsive design across various devices, with a particular focus on mobile usability.

Tech stack:

A custom ERP software application for an ADAS company

We built an Enterprise Resource Planning software application for human resource management with the help of which all management processes related to projects, teams, tours, and employees were fully automated. Thanks to ERP analytics and dashboards, the company board can quickly make decisions to develop and optimize resources.

Tech stack:

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1. You get contacted by our BDE in less than 24h 

2. As soon as the NDA is signed, we kick off the project discussion

3. Challenge accepted! A dedicated team of seniors in custom software development evaluates your requirements and recommends the optimal ways to transform your idea into real functional software

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