Dedicated Engineering Team

Whether you want to start a new project or extend an existing remote team, we have the right team augmentation solutions for you. High-skilled engineers who speak your language, live by the same values, and work Agile since they remember, are ready to jump on your project.

Start your new project development

Hiring a development team might be challenging and time-consuming. Skip hiring, save your time and jump straight to development with our ready-to-go teams of experienced engineers. An entire team at your disposal, so you can manage their priorities and tasks and control their performance while we ensure all they need to work and deliver. No worries about bureaucracy, taxes, vacations, sick leaves, and other admin stuff.

Extend your existing remote team

We help leading product companies expand their established remote teams with our top software engineers. Don't let your team and development process wait when you can onboard our already tested professionals. Experienced, self-organizing, and Agile-minded developers ready to deliver value to your product and be part of your remote team.

Why onboard Oneest's dedicated teams

We are continuously keeping the pulse on the talent market, optimizing our people & retention strategy, and doing our best to create development opportunities for our engineers, no matter if the products are developed absolutely by our in-house teams or together with our clients.

  • We have experienced engineers in various technologies and industries that match your needs

  • Our European culture and multiple language knowledge makes easy to integrate in your teams

  • We ensure our engineers are fully dedicated to your project at a time, no other tasks or duties

  • Our flexible pricing and engagement models will match your needs and expectations

  • Our engineers work in remote teams from more than 21 countries from Europe, Americas and Middle East.

Broad experience and extensive tech stack

From startup products to enterprise-level software, our engineers have wide development experience and expertise in various technology categories for frontend, backend, mobile (Android and iOS), and DevOps.

You manage and control team performance

By working under Agile principles, our developers learned to naturally adapt to changes, wear multiple hats, and self-organize their work, so this will make it easier for you all to sync. To help you, we will put at your disposal our tasks and time management tool so you have better visibility and control over their work, tasks, and priorities.

Here's how dedicated team process work

As soon we receive your request and sign the NDA, this is how typically the process looks like:

1. Discovery phase - We run 1-2 meetings to gather your requirements, pinpoint the collaboration strategy, agree on the terms and get the paperwork done.

2. Team formation phase - To best achieve your product goals, we select and form the team according to the experience required for product success. We check our in-house availability or attract new talent depending on the needs, priorities, and timeline. We validate every engineer profile with you to ensure transparency in our engagement. 

3. Kick-off and trial phase - Once the team is all set, we run product workshops and start the work. 

4. Long-term collaboration - We aim for long-term commitments. With this, we provide predictability and trust to our partners and ensure a stress-free environment for our engineers. 



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A customer loyalty app for a US-based automotive franchise with 900+ locations

As this was a complex project and multiple engineering teams were involved, our team of back-end developers worked on the loyalty app's backend infrastructure, addressing outdated technology, enhancing functionality, and resolving performance issues to improve user experience and boost conversions.

Tech stack:

An aggregator in the field of telecommunications and telemarketing

Hato is a startup created for small and medium businesses that want to expand their range of services or markets and why not offer customer support with the help of call center departments that can create online with agents from around the world.

Tech stack:

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1. You get contacted by our BDE in less than 24h 

2. As soon as the NDA is signed, we kick off the project discussion

3. Challenge accepted! A dedicated team of seniors in custom software development evaluates your requirements and recommends the optimal ways to transform your idea into real functional software

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