Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

We'll guide you through our own experience-backed methodology in custom MVP development to validate your idea fast with real users and meet your time and budget expectations. Our approach to building in quality from the start helps us deliver valuable MVP products to our customers not waste.

Build your MVP in 4 Months

Our capabilities go beyond just writing code for your MVP. Tell us about your idea and the problem you're intending to solve, and we'll provide you with the best ways to make it happen. Following Agile and Lean development principles, our cross-functional teams of talented engineers will ensure early delivery of valuable functional at startup speed. All the way from ideation to concept validation and launch in only 6-10 sprints on average.

Dedicated team for MVP development

If you are all set with the MVP development strategy and customer research, and need the right development team to make it happen, you're in the right place. With this engagement model, you have an entire team of engineers or some members at your disposal. You gain full access and control of their performance, manage their tasks and priorities, we ensure they have all they need to get the work done.

Why build your MVP with Oneest

Our experience shows that market knowledge, the use of relevant tools, and correct data interpretation are by far the key elements when it comes to product MVP development.

  • We have extensive experience and know-how in MVP development that goes above and beyond coding

  • We are 24/7 connected to all things startups, market, communities, funding, VCs, investors and more

  • With us you have all resources in one place to meet your budget and timeline

  • We know startup problems, pitfalls and risks. We'll do our best to proactively help you overcome them

  • With products we build partnerships, we believe in quality and long-term commitments. With us you will gain an ally, a tech partner. MVP is only the beginning.

End-to-end MVP development services

End-to-end is not only about the process itself, it is about the approach too. Following the Lean principle of reducing waste, we build quality into the development process and think about product scalability starting with day 1.

Agile implementation at startup speed

By working under Agile principles and guidelines we always stay open to changes in the market, in user behavior, and in clients' expectations and quickly react to address them. We take ownership, commit, focus, and deliver working versions of the product with each sprint.

How does MVP development work

Over the last years, we've tried and adapted many MVP development practices. The build-measure-learn principle, part of the Lean methodology, proved to be the most efficient. Why? Because it allows you to rapidly test if the product you want to build is what users need and will pay for, and this prevents any type of waste. 
    1.   Discovery Sprint & User Research  - Product ideation, defining the problem, product vision, goals, capabilities, and roadmap; performing user research.

    2.   MVP Design & Rapid Prototyping - Our talented UX/UI designers apply the design-thinking approach to build user-intuitive interfaces and product prototypes.

    3.   MVP Development & QA - We select core functionalities, plan releases and start development and testing which are done simultaneously to ensure quality.

    4.   Launch, Monitoring & Post-launch - With real-time access to user insights and interaction with the MVP, we collect user data and transform it into backlog items to ensure further data-driven MVP development. 


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