A new month comes with a new achievement: Oneest was listed among the Top 20 Java Development Companies by DesignRush. We’re thrilled to be recognized as a trustworthy Java development company and excited about our existing and future projects, using this programming language.

What we do on Java 

We provide custom software development services to support companies automate their business processes and bring tangible added value. We develop different levels of solutions, ranging from a startup MVP to enterprise-level software products. 

We develop custom software using Java

We design and develop software products from scratch on Java with the help of our talented in-house seniors with deep technical experience in this technology. Some of our projects developed using Java frameworks: a marketplace in the field of telecommunications and telemarketing, a platform that offers easy sports live scores, fixtures, and results and one of the current projects in the automotive field is for Renault Group. 
Our portfolio counts over 50 projects built on different technologies and for various industries, ranging from TelCo, FinTech, Automotive, HRTech, PropTech, Aviation, Retail/ E-commerce, SportTech, IoT, Legal to Crypto and Accounting.

We provide Java Team Augmentation Services

If you consider expanding your development team or creating a new one, then benefit from a dedicated Java team depending on your needs.
We offer flexible hourly, daily, or monthly rates depending on your preferences. You’ll pay only for the actually invested time, with no taxes, holidays, sick leaves, or other expenses.

Spread Java {love}

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