Deliver faster, offer unique user experience to your customers, and optimize processes in your company without spending time and budgets on tens of integrations and monthly support

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Who are we?

Oneest is a software company available worldwide, headquartered in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova, a country well-known for cost-effective offshore and nearshore solutions. For 6 years we’ve developed digital solutions that automate business processes for our clients and bring value, with a portfolio of over 50 projects in different regions and industries, such as Telecom, FinTech, Automotive, HR Tech, PropTech, Aviation, Retail/E-commerce, Sport Tech, IoT, Legal, Crypto, Accounting.

Our Mission

To come with an individual approach and custom solutions. To use the right solutions and to develop high-quality software for companies to have a positive impact on people's interaction with technology.


Our Vision

To be the most innovative and trusted company worldwide driven by strong core values and dedicated to transforming businesses and improving the experience their digital products and services offer to their customers.

50+ Projects developed
15+ Industries expertise
6 Years of experience
10 Countries served
UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

We’re doing continuous research, prototyping, applying best practices, and iteration to get a great user experience of your product. We create digital products that help your business enhance the value you provide to users.

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Web & Mobile Development

We build web and mobile applications using the most performant technologies that fit best your business goals. Our experience and expertise allow us to select the best practices and high-security standards to deliver the most high-quality products. 

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Startup/Mvp Development

Startup, MVP Development

With an MVP with a minimum functionality that is absolutely necessary, you’ll be able to quickly test your idea, go to market, save your time, effort and considerably reduce the budget. This will help you evaluate users’ behavior, their feedback, and understand what features are necessary to supplement to create a full-fledged product.

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Custom CRM Software

Instead of wasting time doing administrative work, with custom CRM, you can automate all your routine tasks with workflows and macros to help your team focus on winning clients and closing deals. We’re specialized in the development, implementation, migration, integration, and support of custom and scalable CRM solutions. 

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ERP Services

Custom ERP Software

It will optimize critical business processes and functions, including management, accounting, human resources, and more. Building a custom ERP software may involve integrating with existing platforms, migrating data, building infrastructure, and ensuring business continuity. 

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Marketplace Development

We build high-quality custom marketplace software platforms following the best practices that bring a great volume of traffic, increase conversion, and grow sales. Our experience of marketplace website development for particular industries has allowed us to quickly and efficiently create a marketplace app for you, corresponding to the latest industry and tech standards. 

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E-commerce development

E-commerce Development

The custom e-commerce solutions that we develop handle a large volume of orders, ensure high performance, SEO optimization, and tailor-made UX, that will greatly improve the quality of your business, grant you the competitive edge you need, and allow your business growth.

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Business Process Automation

The goal of BPA is not only to automate business processes, but to simplify and improve business workflows as well. Our Agile approach enables us to meet your mission and business needs for BPA while reducing time, cost, and risk. 

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Dedicated Team

Dedicating Development Team

If you need to expand an existing team or create a new one, we offer dedicated teams or specialists based on your needs. We take into consideration both the hard and soft skills you require. 

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Some of our clients

We work with clients from different areas and regions.

Fly One
Renault Group
Land Rover


Featured Case Studies

Flight booking system for an airline


ERP software of human resource management


An aggregator in the field of telecommunications and telemarketing


A platform that offers easy sports live scores, fixtures, and results

Easy Score

Global job board based on the location criteria

Staf Online

Concept & UX/UI Development of a payment solution


Web development of a personalized content hub for accountants


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